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Wedding Coaching

Do you remember your excitement on the day of your engagement? 

You and your partner had committed to each other and you had your special day, your Wedding Day, to plan and look forward to and it all seemed wonderful. The anticipation of all the fun of planning and finding the right venue, dress, and suppliers was tangible.

However, as  you get further and further into that process, little problems have started to arise. Not everyone shares your idea of your perfect day, and you feel you are being made to compromise on the things that you've set your heart on. There's quite a list of potential problem areas:

  • Cost/budget
  • Style/theme
  • Dress/outfits
  • Family/guests
  • Suppliers/venue
  • Confidence/self belief

The list goes on and it sometimes feels as if this is no longer your special day as you have to compromise and meet the needs and expectations of others. The wonderful excitement and anticipation of the early days has been replaced by stress, frustration and possibly resentment.

This is where Coaching can help, by getting you to identify the problems, exploring the reasons that things aren't right, and coming up with a plan to resolve them and get things back on track, just as you envisaged in those wonderful early days.

In simple terms, Coaching enables you to see where you want to be and then helps you get there!


About Me

andy poole wedding coach

Qualified Life Coach

I'm Andy Poole, and I've been a qualified Coach in the UK for over ten years. My qualification is with The Coaching Academy, where I achieved  an Advanced Diploma with Distinction. My Coaching has been entirely with individuals rather than going down the Business Coaching route, so I know what makes us tick!

I've also worked in the wedding industry in another capacity for three years, working closely with Brides in the build up to their big day, and have seen first hand the strains and stresses that can overwhelm even the most competent and organised of Brides


In that time I've realised how my Coaching skills and wedding experience can be combined to help Brides, & Grooms too, through the bumpy patches of the wedding planning process and get them back on track to having the special day that they want and deserve.

The Coaching Academy Code of Conduct & Ethic

andy poole wedding coach

How does Coaching work?

Most Coaching isn't done face to face as it's not necessary to be in front of the person, and that distance often allows the client to feel more at ease and open. It also means that it doesn't matter where you are as we don't have to be local to each other.

Most Coaching is done by phone, or Facebook Messenger or VOIP such as Skype. Sessions usually last for around 45/50 minutes. My Coaching is non-judgmental, non confrontational, and totally confidential!

The Coaching I do is non-directive, as I don't tell you what you need to do, but I explore with you the options you have. The sessions are relaxed and you'll be asked to talk about what's going on and then the tried and tested Coaching model will explore ways to resolve the problems.

At the end of the process you should be back on track and looking forward to your special day!

A minimum of two sessions is needed at a cost of £70 for the two sessions, and any subsequent sessions if desired, are charged at £40 each. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or credit or debit card.

andy poole wedding coach

Free Introductory session!

To see if Coaching can help you, we offer a free 20/30 minutes introductory session just to get some general details and explain how Coaching works, and this will give you the opportunity to decide for yourself if Coaching can help you before you commit to anything. 

For more information or to get your free session booked, call me on 07967 391387 or email me at andrewgpoole@gmail.com or Facebook message me below

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